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Welcome to Markdown Hosting Service

This is a Markdown hosting site operated by Kobu.Com.

If you are in a hurry, start from the following link:

Following this link allows you to register your account, setup your web site and create your database.

Before doing so, however, please take some time to get familiar with the Markdown hosting:

If you have questions or experience troubles:

About Markdown Hosting

The Markdown hosting service runs under a Kobu.Com's web server and allows you to create a web site by placing your Markdown files for publishing as HTML files.

In addition to automatic Markdown-HTML conversion, you can do the following with the hosting service:

The Markdown hosting service will be run as a paid service in the future. However for a while it is free of charge.

What You can do with Markdown Hosting

Markdown is one of WikiText formats. You can write a plain text with some simple marking rules and publish it in HTML. You don't need to write HTML, CSS and Javascript text to create your web page.

If you use the Markdown hosting:

By using Markdown as a source format, you enjoy many advantages:

What You can do with Database Hosting

With a hosted database, you can:

For example:


Let me introduce some frequently used words. First about roles related to the hosting service:

Other frequently used words are:

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Written 2020-Jul-17
Published 2020-Aug-23
Updated 2020-Oct-11