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Table Creation

If account registration is successful, you are presented a link to visit a table creation page. If you are going to use a database table in your Markdown page, you have to create one. The hosting service provides a table creation page for this purpose. You can also use this page when you create another table later.

In case you forgot your table creation page: (extension is 'mdmp')

You will see a login dialog on the browser screen when you access the page. Enter username (account name you registered) and password (what you have typed on registration).


About Table Creation

In Markdown hosting, a dedicated database is assigned to each account. One database can hold multiple data tables. The current hosting service uses a database product called SQLite v3 (sqlite3). In sqlite3 a whole database is stored in one file. Thus a hosting user can exclusively use the entire database file.

Table creation includes two different steps: design and generation of a table.

A schema table (schema) is used to design a table. A schema table is a table for describing what columns you want in a table you are going to create. Both schema and target tables are tables; don't confuse them.

You have only one schema table and it is stored in your database along with other data tables. To generate a table, click [Generate] button at the end of the table creation page.

The [Generate] button will:

Table Creation Procedures

Here is a description of how to operate the table creation page (screen shots are different from that of the latest version):

  1. Edit schema table - define a desired column in your table one by one


  1. Check schema table - make sure all columns you want are in place


  1. [Generate] button - automatically generates database table and its entry/view page


You operate the three steps going back and forth on the same table creation page.

Entering and Viewing Data

Once you are done with creating a table, you are directed to a view/edit page for the table. You can enter, edit, delete a row of data and list all rows in the table there.

In case you forgot your table edit/view page:

Basically you can operate this page as you did in the table creatioin page. The page shows a list of all rows of the table followed by an entry form of a row.


Customizing Table-editing Page

A table-editing page generated automatically by the table creation page allows everyone to access every column of the data table. A data listing and entry form are included in the single page. You probably want to customize the generated page and data table. To do that edit the page and database by accessing the WebDAV folder holding them.

For example, you can perform the folloing modifications:

You need to be familiar with Markdown syntax if you edit the page. You need a knowledge of SQLite v3 if you edit the database file.

If you want to use extended features of the hosting service in your Markdown pages, see the syntax guide:

PREPRO Author's Guide - See Embedder section.

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Written 2020 July
Updated 2020-Oct-14