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How to Get Started

You need the three steps to start using the Markdown hosting.

The first step, account registration, must be done before other steps. The remaining two steps are optional and can be done in different order. For example, you need the third step only if you want to use database. However, I recomend to follow these steps in this order if you have any reason not to do so.

Account Registraion

The first-time user needs account registration. Your mail address is required for registration. No other information is necessary. Choose an email address that can be used for payment in case you are determined to do so.

You need a ticket (one-time password) to access the registration page. To get a ticket, send a ticket request message to the hosting site. To do that, send an empty email message to the following address from your email address:


Click to Open Mailer < Click this link to open your mailer program with address and subject fields filled in.

If you send the ticket request message, the hosting site will reply a message containing a URL with a ticket to visit the registration page (ticket is valid one hour). Click the URL to access the registration page:


Here you determine an account name and password. The account name is your identifier within the hosting service. It is a URL for accessing your web site (/account/page.mdmp), and also your database name (account.db) if you use the database.

The passowrd is used for accessing your WebDAV folder described in the next section and for visiting a table creation page in the following section.

Be careful when choosing an account name because you cannot change it later. At this moment a password is also unchangeable.

Written 2020 July
Updated 2020-Oct-14